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This 17″ Main Superclean Melamine Pad is made from strong compressed melamine sponge (higher density: 16kg/m3) and scouring pad (fiber cloth). With a magic cleaning capacity, this is the ultimate product replacement to traditional cleaning fiber discs. Use this highly efficient melamine pad to clean deeply into the surface of floors with its micro-particle and dense texture.  By the micro-abrasive principle, fast remove the stains, polish, de-wax and repair small scratches. This microfiber floor pad cleans without the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Its deep-cleaning, delicate texture contains slightly abrasive properties but works like soft sandpaper, cleaning but not hurting the surface. Thus making it the ideal product for cleaning. How It Works: The white compressed melamine sponge is the working face of the pad. Through the latest nano-technology, the special structure of the sponge, formed by micro-fibers smaller than one ten-thousandth of a human hair, will be activated by water. The capillaries absorb the stains or wax, just like countless micro-vacuum cleaners.

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