Customized Maintenance Products

how main can work for you


MAIN Cleaning Solution, the maintenance division of Runyon Surface Prep, provides customized maintenance products to clean and maintain commercial and industrial floors. Once your flooring contractor completes the flooring installation and/or rejuvenation, the proper equipment and chemicals are essential to maintaining your investment. Specializing in maintenance products for polished concrete, terrazzo, VCT/Tile, resinous, and industrial flooring; we can create a custom maintenance product program for any flooring job. We also work with your flooring contractor for follow up, in-depth maintenance items such as deep stain removal, repairs and total floor rejuvenation. 

MAIN provides the products to help your cleaning staff keep your floors looking great!


MAIN Cleaning Solution provides maintenance program affiliation to the best qualified and experienced flooring contractors. These top flooring contractors are able to confidently recommend and provide their customers with a resource for proper equipment and products that will help maintain and protect the job they meticulously completed. MAIN also keeps the connection between the contractor and their customers in the event there are any questions or additional work needed. 

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